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Moving Tips

  • Moving Checklist

    8 weeks prior
    ____ Remove unnecessary items from your attic, storage shed, etc.
    ____ Use things you can’t move, such as frozen foods and cleaning supplies
    ____ Start a possessions inventory
    ____ Solicit estimates from three moving companies
    ____ Call your homeowners insurance agent to find out how your policy will cover your move
    ____ Begin collecting all moving papers and receipts in a file folder
    ____ Arrange to transfer your children’s school records

    6 weeks prior
    ____ Contact the IRS and/or your CPA for tax-deductible information
    ____ Evaluate your possessions inventory: Can you donate anything? Do you need it all?...

  • Garage Sales

    We find that many families use a change of residence as an opportunity to dispose of many outgrown and no-longer-wanted items. It beats taking the items with you and can even put several hundred dollars in your pocket toward buying furnishings for your new home.

    As Realtors®, we are expected to be wise in all matters relating to a change of residence. Even though garage sales are far from our primary field of expertise, allow us to pass on the best advice we have picked up over the years.

    Allow plenty of time – three to four weeks – ...

  • Getting Ready To Move

    Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! Now, for the next challenge: moving. This is a great time to carefully weed through your possessions and to dispose of any clothes, furniture and fixtures that you no longer want or need. Donate them to a charity, hold a garage sale – but if you don’t want them any more, don’t move them.

    Are you going to pack yourself or hire professionals? If you’re doing your own packing, following is a list of materials you’ll need. Moving companies and overnight mail businesses can furnish these, as well as specialized items including ...