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Pricing Your Home

  • Planning to Sell? Get Cleaning, Get a Stager.

    The decision to sell your home may come after many months of deliberation, but once you’ve made the decision and have talked with a real estate professional, give yourself some additional time to prepare the property.

    Spending a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to spruce up your home – from a thorough cleaning to repairs, painting, and staging – can add many times that amount to the final sale price.

    It’s Cleaning Time
    The first and most important task in preparing a home for sale is a top-to-bottom cleaning.

    Wash the walls and the windows. Clean the bathroom and put out fresh towels. Close ...

  • How To Price

    How to price your home – one of the most important issues you will face.  Pricing will determine, among other things:

    • How quickly your home sells
    • How attractive your home will be to buyers
    • How you will reach your financial goals regarding the transactions
    Unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as your property’s being located in a high-risk, undesirable or unusual area, the listing price of your home will set the tone for your entire transaction.

    That’s why my expertise and knowledge of your local marketplace is so helpful. I will gather statistics that quantify the prices of comparable homes ...

  • The Challenges of Pricing Your Home

    Why is it that some homes sit on the market for a year while others sell like hot cakes? Frustrated sellers will blame a bad market, while a good real estate professional will tell you that many times, a slow sale is often attributed to the listing price.

    If a home is overpriced, buyers will stay away. But, if the price is competitive with similar homes in the area and “shows” better than the competition, it will have a better chance of being sold quickly.

    The secret is perfecting a technique that’s as American as apple pie: comparative shopping.

    Although ...